On September 8th, 1966, Joan Mont Dausà with his wife Pilar Jové Dalmau from Romanyà, embarked on the adventure of opening a small restaurant downtown Vall-Llobrega, to make it a center of traditional Catalan cooking, which included rosted rabit, catalan rice, snails, canelons, veal with mushrooms, as well as a place to gather and have tea or drinks during the day.
The business grew and expanded over the years with the increasing numbers of tourists visiting the Costa Brava as well as local costumers. The addition of new dishes and specialities and the welcoming of a place that would never close, were key to its success.
The children of the owners, Ramon, Josep and Merce, helped out in the growing of the family business, as well as, Mercè Esteva, wife of Ramon. Years of effort and dedication were well recognized. Today, Francesc Mont, grandson of the founders Joan and Pilar, continues to expand the family path and the tradition started by his grandparents. He has continued to be faithful to the origins of a traditional Catalan cuisine, while adapting it to modern times.
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Opened from Monday to Sunday.
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Closed on Monday night.
Closed on Tuesdays.
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Tel: 972 60 20 44
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From December 23, 2023
to January 23, 2024
(both included)

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Restaurant Vall-Llòbrega
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Tel: 972 60 20 44
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